An Introduction to Mountech Brackets

We guarantee that any Mountech wall mount purchased for a specific screen size will fit your LCD / Plasma / TFT screen as long as the unit is designed to be wall mounted. If it doesn’t, we’ll make it fit, and within 48 hours.


In the unlikely event that a wall mount does not fit simply contact our UK based Technical Support team who will supply an adapter plate to fit or even manufacture one if necessary!


This unique service is provided completely free of charge.

Mountech G-FIT Helpline Number: 0845 6037212

Why do we offer our G-Fit after sales service?

LCD/TFT Display manufacturers are attempting to provide a more consumer friendly approach to wall mounting a screen by adopting the VESA standard. VESA are an independent organisation that try and encourage amongst other elements a common approach to wall mounting and also cable positioning.

This standard however, remains largely exclusive to a select group of Blue Chip LCD/TFT manufacturers. Plasma screen manufacturers and non-branded LCD manufacturers have a less organised approach to wall mount connectivity.

Mountech prides itself on its close relationships with display manufacturers. It is these long-standing alliances that have resulted in the most thoroughly researched and developed wall-mount designs on the market. Mountech’s innovative universal wall mounts are therefore, a convenient and retail friendly way of meeting the demands of an ever changing and rapidly expanding market, offering 100% manufacturer compatibility.

However, the lack of uniformity between display manufacturers, does present a challenge to even the most generic wall mount design. Common problems encountered are:

- A poorly positioned SCART socket
- A poorly positioned Antenna socket
- A poorly positioned HDMI Socket
- The mould of the rear Panel. (Convex or Concave)
- A brand name that has been pressed into the mould
- Screw depths (These can differ dramatically) We will also supply the correct screws!
- Incorrect removal of a connected table top stand to expose the fixing points for fitment
- We have had one case of this in the UK and we reprinted the instruction sheets!

Whilst all the above add to the screens technical functionality and cosmetic appeal, there have been numerous cases of the wall mount fixing points being obscured in someway. This only has to be minimal for the bracket not to fix properly and safely to the rear of the screen.

To overcome this problem, Mountech (and only Mountech) provides an after-sales service consisting of a direct link between customer and our factory. “Guaranteed Fit” is a free of charge service providing a total ‘problem solving’ solution. Our G-Fit, or “Guaranteed Fit” service allows all compatibility issues to be dealt with efficiently and without involving the retailer. This stops product returns and guarantees total customer satisfaction.