Screen Clean Kit - Spray & Cloth


Product Code: MT-M100


Flat screen cleaner to keep your screen clean and free from streaks and fingerprints

This kit has a spray solution with anti static and alcohol free formulation and an 
extra large microfibre cloth. This will improve your screen clarity and has up to 100 applications.

Screen Clean Kit - Spray & Cloth 5* review

“I bought this for my tablet computer as it gets lots of greasy fingerprints. The Mountech fluid and cloth are brilliant and just a small amount cleans the glass and leaves no smears. Recommended for lcd tv's and monitors - I even use it to clean my glasses.” 
Mr R. White

Flat Screen Cleaning Kit


Product Code: MT-M101


The M101 is a uniquely designed cleaning system.

It has a triangular cleaning pad so it is easy to grip and enables the pad to get right into the corners of the screen.

A vented base enables the pad to dry. Comes with a retractable anti static brush and cloth and fluid.

For a fingerprint and streak free screen. 

Laser Lens Cleaner For Ultra HD/Blu-ray/DVD Players and Recorders


Product Code: MT-M102


The DVD and CD Laser Lens Cleaner will help prevent skipping and reading problems during playback. This will give improved picture and sound for your 

enjoyment. This Lens Cleaner is ideal for HD and Blu-ray players and recorders.

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