Value Line Indoor Antennas

One‐For-All Value Line Non Amplified UHF Indoor Antenna

Product Code: SV9021

  • Non amplified UHF TV signal aerial

  • Adjustable loop provides best possible picture quality

  • 1m aerial coaxial cable

  • Non-slip and non-scratch feet

Great solution for those places where there is no aerial connection available - kitchen, study room, caravan. This aerial responds to UHF TV Analogue & Digital Reception. It has an adjustable loop which helps provide the best possible picture quality. It has non-slip and non-scratch feet, a stable base structure and 1 meter coaxial cable included.

Barcode: 87161840 3014 7

One‐For-All Value Line Indoor Antenna

Product Code: SV9033

  • Non amplified indoor Antenna

Whether you still receive conventional analogue broadcasts or have already made the transition to Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasts (DVB-T/2) or even Full HD and 3D, you can choose between indoor and outdoor aerials plus stylish indoor specials that blend in with modern home interiors.

Barcode: 87161840 4393 2

One‐For-All Amplified Indoor Antenna

Product Code: SV9143

  • For perfect reception of DVB-T (Freeview) television and DAB radio signals, compatible with HD signals

  • Adjustable amplifier to boost signal gain up to 42dB

  • Minimal interference through the active noise reduction filters

  • SignalClear technology: only boosts the pure signal and not the interference

  • Stable output load and low signal loss to minimise error correction

  • Power over external power supply/ Set-top box

Barcode: 87161840 4389 5

This product replaces the SV9141

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