An Introduction to One For All.

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One For All Logo
One For All Logo

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Nowadays we have more and more devices in our home. This complex collection of devices asks for solutions that simplifies the control and access. One For All offers user-friendly remote controls and accessories for home an personal entertainment. Solutions that let you experience maximum home comfort. 


One For All are a global leader in wireless control technology and continuously improve our solutions and develop meaningful innovations. One For All offer possibilities in the connected home you perhaps didn’t realise. Our range offers reliable solutions, easy to use and understand, connecting and operating multiple devices and covering all brands. 


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They have gained extensive knowledge of how consumers all over the world interact with their devices. This enabled them to introduce user-friendly products and accessories, being:

  • Replacement remotes

  • Smart remotes

  • Digital indoor aerials and antennas

  • Signal Boosters

  • ​HDMI switcher

A few characteristics of One For All:

  • They offer award winning service

  • They develop a truly universal solution